Tressies Hair Extensions

Classic Tressies, our unique signature line of hair extensions, was introduced to the Minnesota Market in 2009.  They remain our best selling item and are wildly popular with teens.  

Why are Tressies so appealing?  How are they different from any other extension on the market? 

We have a wide selection of high quality synthetic colors. We use materials from Korea, China, Japan and the United States, to bring you high quality products at affordable prices that can't be beat.  

They can be curled and flat ironed.  

They take seconds to put in your hair. They are also easy to take out and will not damage your natural hair. This is a brand new way to put in and take out hair extensions.  They are held in with a specially made link that creates a suction when you plug the extension into it.  This technology is unique to Tressies®.  

You can choose how long you want to wear them.  They are reusable and will last a long time with proper care.  

You can wear fun colors in your hair without having to dye it or be stuck with color that you only wanted temporarily for a fun event or evening out.

You can put them in to lengthen your hair or just add a pop of color as a highlight to match your outfit. 

They are not bulky and will not slide like clip in extensions.  We don't use tape or glue which use damaging chemicals and require professional training to put them in and take them out.  They are not weaved in or crimped in with a microbead that requires a pair of pliers to take them out of your hair. That method can actually result in breaking your hair.  

With 18 bright, fun color hair extensions to choose from, you can wear Tressies® anytime you want.  Our do-it-yourself hair extensions are extremely fast and require no additional tools.  Every order comes with exactly what you need!  It is super fun choosing and blending colors, some say they are even mildly addictive.  With Tressies® you can create your own special look, a look that defines who you are, a look no one else has.  Define who you are and experience the next generation of hair extensions today!   

Tressies also make great gifts and party favors.